Meet Cary Moore

CARY WAYNE MOORE Founder/Executive Producer


Born on the bayou in Southeast Texas, Cary’s creative drive to take him out of “the sticks” put him in front of a drafting table. While at the firm, Art Ayala Architects, he found an outlet creating many floor plans including several of the high-rise buildings in Downtown-Houston. The creative value of producing stuck, but the focus transitioned to entertainment. While at U of H he worked on several productions, learning everything from lighting and sound design to acting to even directing a few one-act plays. Unable to shake a what-if scenario, the only option was to sacrifice one art form for another. After leaving the firm and moving to Los Angeles in 2000, Cary quickly found his way into production on the pilot of Gilmore Girls. From there Cary has been developing relationships for the better part of two decades on projects such as: Vacancy, The Donner Party, Justified, and Hart of Dixie.

As a lover of entertainment and a creator of content, Cary set his sights on forming a company modeled after his genuine ideals. He understood to accomplish this he would need to make his own movie. After writing several feature films, he found the path that would bring this to fruition: Border Hawk. He formed Brackish Dream Entertainment while in collaboration for the short film production (modeled after the Border Hawk series). Quickly, Cary has found himself filming, developing, and creating, while continuing to add to the company’s slate of 10+ projects.

Cary looks forward to the company’s future as he continually works towards building the Brackish Dream team, a team dedicated to a collaborative environment culminating in a singular outcome: a visual atmosphere designed to move generations.