Learn About Brackish Dream Entertainment

Who We Are

BRACKISH DREAM ENTERTAINMENT is a Los Angeles-based production company dedicated to producing and financing both independent and studio films, while also acquiring intellectual property to develop film and TV productions from various books, comics, short stories, and graphic novels. With an eye for character-driven stories, Brackish Dream is filmmaker / artist-focused, ensuring unique content for mainstream audiences. The company is diverse having a goal to redefine what it means to be a modern day production company. Founders Cary Wayne Moore is driven to entertain. With their first film, “Get Out If You Can” starring, Ed Harris, just finishing production, their second project, a film about the legend of American serial killer, H.H. Holmes, will be shooting in the spring. The comic world is of great importance for the company. As they embark on their first comic book, they’ve begun putting together an all-star team to lead and carry out the enthralling tale in Glenn Starky’s book, ‘Solomon’s Men’ and translate that to the visual median of comic books and ultimately the big screen.

Why We Make Movies

To build a community that moves and inspires people around the world to see things from different perspectives. To challenge your thoughts and emotions, hereafter, creating a reality that transcends the industry expectation. Entertainment is paramount, and the goal is to take the audience, viewer, and reader on an epic journey through each and every story we tell.