Current Project: Solomon's Men Graphic Novel

Midnight, mid-March, mid-90's; an ancient monastery sits overlooking the city of Tomar, Portugal. For almost 700 years the shroud of Christ has laid protected under guard by the monastery’s occupants, until tonight. Centuries-old oaths are threatened as a thief hides in the shadows. Hired to steal what he believes to be another personal antiquity, Greg Valdez, infiltrates the monastery. If he only knew the exact contents of the Crusader's pouch, he'd save himself from a devoted group of 12 mercenary monks adorned as, Solomon’s Men, who’s sole purpose is protecting this holy artifact with their lives.

Greg’s ignorance to the contents resting in this pouch bearing the seal of The Knights Templar will bring his pure-hearted, autistic son into the line of fire, where he will learn the terrible lengths men will go to protect or obtain the Holy, and what they feel is rightfully theirs. The transformational powers this mysterious piece of cloth possess will reveal itself to Greg at the height of his treacherous fight for the lives of himself and his son. In doing so, he single-handedly takes out the highly trained, highly paid soldiers run by, CAIN.

As Greg infiltrates CAIN’s mountain compound buried deep within the treacherous Colorado Rockies, he is unaware as the 12 gun toting disciples quickly close ground on his position. The battle climaxes and the culmination of the journey takes an unexpected mythical turn. Ultimately, all must atone for their sins; some will find righteousness, others Hell.

Current Project: Get Out If You Can (Drama)

In Production:

Untitled H.H. Holmes Thriller

In Development:

Entartete (Historical Drama)

Sons Of Queens (Heist Thriller)

Into The Nest (Drama)

Border Hawk The Series

“Border Hawk” is a Western adventure tale set in the embryo of today’s America, a first-hand account of our ever developing constitutional rights. A young Thomas Townes is where we begin our journey. As his life and our story progress', we will see a series of changes and corruption surrounding the nation from several perspectives, as we dive into the souls of our greatest leaders and heroes. These past visionaries relate to our present circumstances but were persecuted for their beliefs in their time. As our nation’s future hangs in the balance the freedom of millions lies in but a few abled hands. Website